Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful for you all

I don't leave until tomorrow (gah!) but am preemptively happy with this trip because it has already brought me back in touch with so many people I care about. I know I don't always need a reason to reach out to friends and family, but a catalyst like a blog/trip/event does help get the correspondance flowing. Recently, conversations have sprung up all over the place and I've been delighted by truly lovely dinners, coffees, surprise 1am & 3am phone calls, and emails. I look forward to more of you coming out of the woodwork!

I'm very thankful you're all in my life, and send you my love.


  1. I am so excited to hear about your journey and for you to be on it! I am thankful that you are in my life <3

  2. Can't wait for your next post--the first from the road!